This website is provided by the management of futursoftinc.com as a service to members of the free software community. In particular, it serves self-employed Québec business owners for the promotion of freesoftware desktop solutions to their customers. The opinions expressed here are not those of futursoftinc.com or of its management.

As you're probably already aware, Microsoft has taken its longest running windows edition WinxP off life support as of last April (2014) and has also terminated support for Windows 7 as of the 13th January 2015. If you're one of the many unfortunate users left out in the cold please read on.

The only Windows solution remaining for the mid-term appears to be Windows 10 which was released on July 31st, 2015 and is intended, from what we understand of the new strategy, to replace all prior versions of PC software.

So far this software seems to be a net improvement over the previous operating systems offered by Microsoft and we have upgraded a few machines to the new system. Of course it's always good to compare any of the alternatives to what we are beginning to take for granted on Ubuntu, and we're not disappointed with the snappyness of the latter even if it could be missing a couple of bells and whistles available in Microsoft's latest. And here we may have a hot tip for you.

Furthemore, we can offer you complete desktop solutions,for as little as $100. This solution includes a desktop PC, keyboard, mouse and screen. Alternatively, we can install the same virus-free software on your machine for as little as $40. In case you're wondering you can also keep your Windows system as long as it has 10 or more Gigabytes of unused disk space for the new system.

Please drop in to see us at our new location that began operations on November 2, 2015 and where we're open for business Monday through Thursday from 10.00 am until 4.00 pm. Since the store is manned by volunteer self-employed people though, who do go out on service calls, there's no guarantee that the door will be open when you get there, so please call ahead to check if someone's there on site first. Even better send us a texto with the words «au secours» and we'll arrange to be on site to meet with you. Otherwise if you're close by anyway, please drop by at our store "L'ordinateur Libre" Québuntos. It's located at 275 Dorchester in Quebec City's lower town at the intersection with des Commissaires Street.

If your unable to do either and aren't interested in the official solution offered here  (external link)then please send us an email to with a brief description of your problem so that we can make other arrangements (external link) for you (English version here (external link)).

Also we are looking for additional self-employed volunteers interested in joining us in this adventure and looking to find new customers for their training and support services (preferably in free software but we won't hold you to that since freedom of choice is our motto for all customers).

Please remember with free and open source software (external link) each user can become a potential author instead of remaining simply as a passive tech consumer.

Voici le locale sélectionné pour nos premières (external link) réunions de «Meetings LXLE (external link)» - xP A+!

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